Do You Need a Waterproof Backpack for School?


If a backpack is labeled waterproof, you can completely submerge the bag in water without letting moisture inside. Waterproof is more about being underwater than about being in the rainy days

A waterproof backpack is only needed in situations where you might use a dry bag. They’re effectively the same product.

Waterproof bags also must be simpler in design than sewn bags due to the limitations of welding. Most waterproof backpacks are designed with a bucket-like main compartment and one or two flat pockets. By necessity, a waterproof bag is simpler with fewer pockets and features.

If you see coated zippers on a backpack, that’s a clue your bag will perform well in light rain. Coated zippers keep water out of the bag in one of the most vulnerable places, since zippers are full of gaps holes. For an example, we use PU-coated racquet coil zippers on our backpacks.

A high-quality, water-resistant backpack will keep your stuff safe and dry in a rainstorm. If you throw a water-resistant backpack into a lake, however, your laptop may not fare as well. If you’re kayaking, bring a truly waterproof dry bag.




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